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Norway Open

Norway Open, golf croquet, singel, 18th - 19th August 2007 at Hurum, international tournament.

Hurum is 50 min from Oslo.

Entries to: Croquet-selskabet, The Croquet Society
e-mail: jeloycroquetclub@hotmail.com

More info: http://home.chello.no/~jcclub/

The 2nd. German Open Golf Croquet Tournament

Dear Golf Croquet friends,

We are happy to invite you to our top Golf Croquet event in 2008:

The 2nd. German Open Golf Croquet Tournament will be held at the Rissener Sportverein Croquet Section in Hamburg, Germany from Saturday 19. July to Sunday 20. July 2008. The Club will be open to competitors for practice on Thursday and Friday.
Holder is Klaus Gollhofer of Salzburg/ Austria.

Entries will be limited to 16. We try to get in as many as possible players from abroad, a colourfull field of players from many nations is part of the tradition of German Open tournaments. The field will be completed with the top German players. The tournament will consist of a prelimnary stage of 2 blocks of 8 players to produce a (double) knock-out stage of 8. Matches will be single13 point games in the prelimnary stage and best-of-three 13 point games at the knock-out stage. Those who do not qualify for the knock-out stage will be able to enter a Plate event. All losers will be able to continue playing so that a full ladder of 32 positions will be produced.
Two croquet lawns will be used double banked, players in previous years described the lawns as partly "challenging".

A special stress will be put on the social side of the event. A gala dinner in a good restaurant, lunches, courtside drinks and maybee a boat trip are included in the programme.
Transport from Hamburg- Airport to the hotel and to courts will be organised.

Hotel and private accomodation with club members are available. For details contact the manager.

There will be prices for all participants, the fee to include all transports, gala dinner and vouchers for courtside drinks and lunches is EUR 120,00. No profits have ever been made in German Open tournaments.

Please contact the manager
Joern Vinnen, email: jvinnen#yahoo.de (# = at)

untill 15. May 2008.

10 Places will be allocated following the first apply first play basis.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Joern Vinnen
Parkstr. 24
D-22605 Hamburg
Fon: +49-40-46960014 (H)& +49-40-3574720 (O)
Mob: +49-172-9271835 Fax: +49-40-35747224


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