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Welcome to Swedish Open AC 31 juli and 1 august 2018!


Sverige arrangerer sitt første åpne mesterskap i AC

The Stavstorp Croquet & Tennis Club invites you to play in the first
Swedish Association Croquet Open Championship. The tournament will
be played at the Stavstorp Lawns in Eskilstuna on Tuesday and
Wednesday July 31-August 1.
The tournament will start on Tuesday morning at 8:30 and continue until Wednesday evening.
Participation is limited to 16 players. There will be a group stage played in 2 blocks of 8 players followed by a
final between the two block winners, a 3rd place match between the runners up from each block and so on.
All matches will be one 26-point game and have a 2h 30min time limit. All players will play 8 matches over 2
The format will be adjusted if fewer than 16 players participate. Play will be double banking on 4 lawns.
Enter by e-mailing Deadline for initial allocation is March 14.
 Sweden has 4 places for the players that organize the tournament.
 For international players, there is an initial allocation on March 15. Entries received by March 14 will be
accepted as follows:
o The highest ranked player from each country that has applied in descending order by world ranking
as of March 14.
o Then the second highest ranked player from each country will be accepted in descending order and
so on. This will ensure that all countries that are interested in participating have the ability to send
roughly the same number of players.
 International players can continue to apply for any remaining places from March 15. Applications will be
accepted in order received up to a country maximum of 4 players.
 Additional Swedish players and players from countries that have reached their maximum can submit
their name to a waiting list. Any remaining places will be allocated on April 30 from the waiting list in a
similar fashion to the initial allocation.
 Deadline for any remaining places is on July 15, even if the event is not full to allow time for adjusting
the format.
Swedish GC Open (July 27-29) / Norway GC Open (August 3-5)
Swedish GC Open and Norway GC Open are held on consecutive weekends, prior to and following the Swedish AC Open, for the convenience of international players that wants to play both AC and GC.
Swedish GC Open is also held at the Stavstorp lawns. The driving distance between Stavstorp and Myhrene Gård (location of Norway GC Open) is 427km / 5h15min. Flying from Stockholm to Oslo takes 1h and there are many flights daily. It is also possible to take the train from Eskilstuna or Stockholm to Oslo and then continue on from there.
European Masters
This event will be part of the European Masters competition.
Entry fee
SEK 700:- Lunch, coffee, tea and soft drinks are included on Saturday and Sunday. Non-playing guests that want to eat and drink pay 150:-/day.
Rides can be provided to and from the lawns for players that are staying in central Eskilstuna and don’t have access to a car.
Stavstorp Croquet & Tennis Club was the host for the European AC Championship in 2017
Address Coordinates
Stavstorp Croquet Club 59°25'59.9"N (59.433306)
Stavstorps 10 16°26'06.0"E (16.435000)
635 03 Eskilstuna
Getting There
There are 4 airports within a 2 hour drive from the Croquet Club.
Arlanda – 150 km
Bromma – 122 km
Skavsta – 95 km
Västerås – 48 km
Arlanda is the major airport to which most airlines fly. Bromma is primarily a domestic airport but has few international flights as well. Skavsta and Västerås service some low cost airlines.
The easiest way to get to the Croquet Club is to rent a car at the airport and drive. It is also possible to take a bus or train from the airport to either Stockholm or Västerås and then take the train to Eskilstuna. A pick-up can be arranged at Eskilstuna Central Station if necessary.
If you are flying out on Sunday evening, try to book as late flight as possible to give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport after the end of the tournament.
 There are several hotels in central Eskilstuna, a 15 minute drive from the lawns. You can find them on booking sites such as
 There are some cottages for rent within walking distance from the lawns that house four people each. You have to bring your own linens and bathrooms are shared in a separate building. Their website is ( You can e-mail booking inquiries to
 There is also a campsite close by where you can rent a cottage or set up a tent or caravan. This is their website: Mälarbadens Camping:
 Other campsites can be found here:
Please e-mail Joakim Norbäck at if you have any questions

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