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Laws and Tactic Course hailed a success

NCF Media Release
4th June 2007.

This last week-end saw a Laws & Tactic Course for members of The Croquet Association of Norway (NCF) being held at Holmsbu Golf Course, Hurum, Norway.

David Openshaw, the President of the World Croquet Federation, was the instructor, he talked about the rules and strategies of Association Croquet, and a little on Golf Croquet, but most of the time the players were out on the lawns. Learning by doing was much appreciated, esp. since it was beautiful sunshine!
The President of The Croquet Association of Norway, Tore Gulbrandsen, wishes to express his thanks to David Openshaw for his coming to Norway and sharing his knowledge with us. He would also like to thank the artist Trine Wester for generously opening her house and to Magne Myhrene for the free use of the lawns and facilities.
The Croquet Association of Norway would also like to take the opportunity to thank the World Croquet Federation for subsidised our participation in the Bowdon Law Course held earlier this year and The “Mitsubishi Motors” European Team Championship to be held at Cheltenham later this month.

The NCF hopes it will also be possible to have some coaching in connection with Norway Open, the second international tournament held by The Croquet Society at Holmsbu Golf Course 17th – 19th of August this year.

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More information from www.croquet.no or +47 93027709


Missing link is found!

During a visit of The President of the Croquet Association of Norway to Strandpromenaden Krokketklubb, Lillestroem, The Croquet Society found out that the players at the court in Lillestroem played a version of croquet which must be a missing link!! A missing link between Association Croquet and 9 wicket croquet.

The players said they believed their fathers for generations had played according to the same rules and they believed they had learnt it from English railwayworkers around 1850.

The court is very much the same as in Croquet, Norwegian Standard or American 9 wicket, but the surface is hard sand, not grass. The equipment is short mallets held by only one hand, and small balls.

The Croquet Society thinks that 1850 is too early. Croquet is considered entering into Norway around 1860. In 1850 it became known in England, but not among the workers, though it quickly became very popular. Then it seems that it has always been played with long mallets in Britain. However a club in Glasgow have been found that played it on grawel with short mallets using one hand only. On the other hand a picture from the last half of 1800 from Bjoerkelangen, in the vicinity of Lillestroem, shows that they used long mallets too.

The Croquet Society believes the one-hand-croquet to have originated in Denmark. They have got 6000 players still playing it. From Denmark it spread up the south-west coast of Norway with seamen.

But watching the game at Lillestroem one has to confess that it resembled very much Association Croquet in tactics. It could be the missing link or Olde English still alive and kicking, being played in the good old Kingdom of Norway!!


STOPP PRESS Release 18th of November 2004, 12.00 p.m

The Croquet Association of Norway is proud to announce that the Norwegian Championship in Croquet, Norwegian Standard 2005 will be held at Krocketfestivalen, Halden Saturday 20th of August. The Norwegian Championship in Association (English) Croquet 2005 and the Norwegian Championship in Golf Croquet 2005 will be held by Jeloey Croquet Club/The Croquet Society, Moss, in late summer.
The Croquet Association of Norway is looking forward to cooperate with the abovementioned organisations.

Only members of Norwegian croquet clubs/organisations can participate in the national championships.

Oslo, 18th of November 2004
The Interim Council, TCAoN Tore Gulbrandsen
Jeloey Croquet Club Tommy Nordström
Brevik Croquet Team Staale Tomten
Oslo Croquet Venner
Odd-Erik Fallet
The Croquet Society Rognald Nydal
Satellitt Skedsmokorset Kaj Morten Thorsen
Havsoe Crocket klubb


The Croquet Association of Norway started. 15 October 2004

During The Jubilee Tournament of Jeloey Croquet Club in Moss Saturday 11th of September 2004 The Croquet Association of Norway was started. This happened during the Opening Seremony of the tournament. The new association will in the future develop the rules of Croquet, Norwegian Standard further, arrange the Norwegian Championships etc. The might also be a Nordic cooperation with Nordic tournaments. Tore Gulbrandsen
The representative of Jeloey Croquet Club in the Interim Council, TCAoN

For more information: http://www.croquet.no/ http://home.chello.no/~jcclub/ http://www.krocketfestivalen.no/ Press contakt: +47 93027709



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